Tuition Payment Notification of the Spring Semester 2016

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1. The Tuition Payment Slip can be downloaded from Jan. 21, 2016. Please download the Tuition Payment Slip from the following websites.

(1) (NCU Portal)

(2) (First Bank)
You can also request the Payment Slip at the office of Cashier Division, if necessary.

2. Four Ways to Pay Your Tuition Fee:

(1)In cash:
With the Tuition Payment Slip, you can make the payment by cash at any branch of First Commercial Bank in Taiwan.

(2)Through ATM transfer:
If you have an ATM card issued by a Taiwanese bank, you can pay the tuition fee via ATM transfer. Please keep the receipt for checking after transferring the fee.

Steps to ATM Transfer :
Insert your ATM card¡@¡÷¡@Key in password¡@¡÷¡@Select ¡§Other Services¡¨¡@¡÷¡@Select ¡§ATM Transfer¡¨¡@¡÷¡@Key in First Bank Code Number 007¡@¡÷¡@Key in the¡iA/C No.¡j¡@¡÷¡@Key in the¡iAmount Due¡j¡@¡÷¡@Done

(3)With credit card:
Please refer to the following website for credit card payment.

(4)Through 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life and OK-Mart Transfer:
With the Tuition Payment Slip, you can make the payment in cash at 7-11, Family Mart, Hi-Life or OK- Mart. They will charge you NT$ 10.
Please remember to keep the receipt for checking.