Welcome to Office of General Affairs

Here is the introduction of OGA

We are responsible for official documents, seals, archives, mails and Electronic official documentations system management, including:
1. Document In-take and Record Management.
2. Issue and Transmit Official Documents.
3. Official Seal Security and Operational Management.
4. Archives checking, classification, cataloging, preservation, security control and computerization.
5. Archives Repository Management.
6. Archives application.
7. E-document System Management.
8. Mails & bids processing
9. Student registered mail claim


Administrating campus environmental cleanness.

Campus Vegetation Planning, Maintenance and Improvement.

Workers(Technical Worker, Caretaker) and Human resource dispatch management.

Dispatching vehicle for official use.

Telephone switchboard management(System).

Management of meeting room(Grang Lecture Hall, Bin-Wen Hall and International Meeting Room) and NCU Guest House.

Merchant purchasing and contract management of Campus special contract companies.

Lending management of academic costumes and equipment for student activities.

Campus water and electricity rates, newspapers fee reimburse of administrative units and arrangement of general administration of festivals and tests.

Administrating NCU Volunteer.

Management of leisure facilities and sign of campus facility of public spaces.

We take care of property( including non-expendable and consumable parts )management and campus real estae planning. Besides the University offers positions dormitory of single family homes and condominiums for faculty.

1、Procurement of property and labor service.
2、Coordinating and managing projects.
3、Executing other assigned tasks.

※ Please apply for the purchase of teaching and research faculties instruments, equipment and affairs of the procurement procedures.
※ foreign purchases of foreign exchange, development of credit, duty-free import of educational supplies and other formalities handled.
※ foreign procurement of equipment import permit book, customs to transportation, insurance formalities handled.
※ procurement services, equipment needed for the various administrative units.
※ Each research project required research facilities, and equipment procurement and other services.

Division of Cashier
I. Introduction
  The Division of Cashier is currently staffed with one chief, four staff members, three contract employees and two assistants.
II. Responsibilities
  1. Executing and bookkeeping of the official transactions of cash, notes, securities, payments and fund transfer.
  2. Faculty and staff payroll transactions.
  3. Income tax withholding and reporting.
  4. Collecting and handling tuitions and miscellaneous fees.
III. Staff training
  Our mission is to provide staff members with a comprehensive training. To achieve that, the Division of Cashier implements the method of job rotation so that each member can experience different tasks.
IV. Office Hour
  8:30am to 12 :30noon, 1pm to 5pm; Monday to Friday.

Construction division: Responsible for the planning of comprehensive development of campus, budget appropriation of the new construction, tendering, supervision, inspection and acceptance, maintenance and repair of school buildings and water and electricity facilities, and the design, construction, and supervision of the renovation works.



前門警衛室:全天24小時開放(23:00-- 05:30實施無證車輛管制)。
一、前門警衛室 00:00~24:00
二、後門警衛室 06:00~22:30